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Microsoft and AMD may have partnered for artificial intelligence chips

A new report indicates that Microsoft is reportedly working alongside AMD on the development of artificial intelligence processors. The Redmond-based company would provide engineering resources for the American chip company’s productions. According to reports, the partnership could be an important step in competing with Nvidia, which holds 80 percent of that market.

According to Bloomberg, in addition to offering structural help, Microsoft would also be opening the portfolio in this partnership. Thus, the two companies could help each other produce specialized hardware for artificial intelligence expansion.

It is worth remembering that the owner of Windows is betting a lot of chips on AI technology. Microsoft has invested more than $10 billion in OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, and is already reaping the rewards. By incorporating the robot into Bing, it was able to increase the number of users, surpassing the mark of 100 million people per day in the search engine.

In addition, Bloomberg’s sources reportedly said that AMD would be assisting the Redmond-based company in the development of its AI processor code-named Athena. Hundreds of employees from the silicon division were reportedly directed to the project. However, a spokesperson for the brand denied any involvement of the chip company in the production.

AI market continues its expansion
With the popularity of ChatGPT and its peers, artificial intelligence is the new “cool kid” of the block. All the major companies want to be part of this business, investing heavily in the business.

In addition to Microsoft with Bing, Google introduced Bard in 2023 so as not to fall behind its biggest rival. But they’re not the only ones. Amazon announced the Bedrock service, which is “a fully managed service that makes FMs from leading AI startups and Amazon available through an API.”

While not a product to necessarily rival Bing and Bard, Bedrock is yet another indicator that artificial intelligence will continue to receive investment from “big tech.”

On the other hand, Brazil has decided that the tool cannot go unsupervised. A Senate bill wants to regulate AI. It intends to point out the responsibility, supervise and, if necessary, punish the brands for the misuse of technology.

According to Senator Rodrigo Pacheco, companies will be encouraged to act in good faith and effectively manage risks.

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