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Meta finalizes last stage of mass layoff announced in March

The Meta ended on Wednesday (24) the last “round” of mass dismissal announced in March. In total, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has held two rounds of shutdowns. This time, about 6,000 employees will be sent to the streets — nearly half of what the company laid off in November 2022.

In the first round, held in April, the company terminated the contract of 4,000 employees. Thus, the goal of the Meta of laying off 10,000 employees is reached. In presenting the 2022 financial results, Zuckerberg said 2023 would be the “year of efficiency” at the company. In the presentation, the possibility of carrying out a new mass resignation was mentioned (and confirmed later) by the CEO.

Last round of mass layoff was speculated
Last Friday, speculation began to circulate that Meta would make the new round of layoffs this week. Reuters confirmed the information with the company on Wednesday. According to TechCrunch, this new wave of layoffs will mainly affect the company’s business segment.

But according to the news outlet, former employees in Meta’s marketing, recruitment, engineering and corporate communications areas are communicating their layoffs on LinkedIn. In April, when it began this mass layoff, the tech division suffered its first blow.

According to Reuters, sources close to Meta have said the company’s two top directors in India will be sacked. These directors are Avinash Pant, Chief Marketing Officer, and Saket Jha Saurabh, Director and Head of Media Partnerships. In Abu Dhabi, 490 employees will be furloughed.

In addition to these layoffs, Meta closed 5,000 job openings that were open. Despite being the latest round of mass layoffs, Mark Zuckerberg had announced in March that after the month of May, other smaller-scale shutdowns could happen.

As of press time, Meta had not commented on the latest round of mass layoffs. With the new cuts, the company’s headcount reached 77,000 employees.

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