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Google delays Android 14 and catches even manufacturers by surprise

The release of the stable version of Android 14 has been delayed by a month. Expected to arrive last Tuesday (5), Google’s operating system will be presented on October 4 — the same day as the launch of the Google Pixel 8. The change of date was a surprise even for the manufacturers, who were waiting for yesterday the final codes of version 14 of Android..

The information about the delay in the release of Android 14 was released by Mishaal Rahman. The journalist points out that it will be the first time that the system will be announced along with a smartphone of the Google Pixel line. The big tech phone is always the first device to receive the latest version of the OS.

Manufacturers that develop their own interface based on Android (such as Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Motorola) spend more time working on their systems. That’s why they expect the stable version of the OS.

Despite Rahman claiming that these companies were caught off guard by the delay (apparently warned also yesterday), Google gave signs that Android 14 was having some trouble. Last month, the company tried to pretend that the beta had five versions with a crooked edition of the timeline image.

The main one affected by the delay in Android 14 should be OnePlus. The Chinese manufacturer has already announced OxygenOS 14 for September 25. However, nothing prevents OnePlus from launching its interface based on a non-unstable version of Android.

Android 13 had smoother development
In 2022, the development of Android 13 met the schedule. In fact, the current generation of the operating system was far ahead. The release of the 13th version of Android took place on August 15, 2022 — a month before the traditional OS delivery date.

In addition, it will be curious to watch the presentation of the Pixel 8 at the same event where Android 14 will be officially launched. The announcement will be on October 4.

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