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WhatsApp tests filter to search for favorite conversations

WhatsApp has released in its beta version a filter to search for your favorite conversations. The feature is related to the functionality to favorite your chats, which is also in the beta of the messaging app. These new tools should make it easier for the user to search for contacts that are not among the pinned ones.

Before releasing the search for favorite conversations, WhatsApp had launched in early February the function of selecting your favorite conversations. Before that, you could just pin chats to the app, which locks them at the top of the conversation list. However, WhatsApp has a fixed limit of three chats — which is bad if you have more than three groups or contacts that you chat with regularly.

Favorite conversations coming up on WhatsApp
With this new feature of bookmarking conversations and filtering them in searches, WhatsApp takes a step towards improving usability and solving the limitation of pinned conversations. Come on, it’s almost impossible to talk about the features of Meta’s messaging app without comparing it to Telegram.

On WhatsApp’s rival, you can pin up to five groups, channels, or conversations — the paid version of Telegram allows you to double this limit. In addition, you can still freely organize the order of the chats, while in WhatsApp it is necessary to do a “puzzle” of unpinning and pinning the conversations to leave them in the desired order.

The screenshot from WABetaInfo indicates that there won’t be a limit on favorites on WhatsApp (advantage over the rival), which really justifies a filter to search for conversations marked as favorites. After all, if you want to bookmark all the chats with your closest friends and the groups you use the most, it’s best that they’re just a few clicks away.

For now, only WhatsApp beta for iOS has these tools to favorite conversations and filter them in search. In some cases, Meta has released features for an operating system first. However, since this is still a beta version, it is difficult to say if iOS will receive the tool before Android. What is certain is that it will come — we just don’t know when.

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