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The Sims 4: with this new feature, ea is alienating players

In the nine years since The Sims 4 from Electronic Arts and Maxis was released and updated, the television shows, films, and music videos that featured the beloved simulation video game spent a lot of time deconstructing family structures and relationships. Cycling through constant waves of content, which in turn makes the player happy – or at least, their bank accounts miserable. While The Sims 4 is leading the charge to fight what many of its players consider the game’s bugs as assailants with a new team focused on the issue, at the same time, it is not too fond of one of its recent additions.

The Sims 4 is a simulation game that has been enhanced by a new addition which has made it more interesting than before.

Regarding games that operate on a season system, service-type games are among those that arrive with significant updates from their players. Diablo IV began to level up its redemption with the game’s season 4, which is good so far, and Skull and Bones is still trying to swim through troubled waters and find its way to the top through its season 2. However, in concerns the Sims 4 game, players do not even care to log into the game on a frequent basis, other than the occasional packs that are released frequently.

But like those good old GACHAs, where players need to log in every day to receive some of the materials, The Sims 4 is going to buff the possibility of login rewards. Something that was advertised for several weeks and finally was completely found as integrated, under one’s nose and beard of Electronic Arts.

As in Fortnite or in the mobile version of The Sims, day by day, players will have to connect to the game to get new skins, new items, and maybe even new additions. Fortunately, this model does not dictate the players the necessity of logging in the site each of the seven days of the week but at most, two or three days. This is a way to Electronic Arts to get fuzzy numbers as the players have a chance to add even more items to their collections.

Of course, there are things that you might have missed in the store and once you go out you won’t be able to get them again.I Luckily, and as more players are aware of it by now, a mod has been developed to enable the acquisition of the specified items without any waiting. However, it is actually possible that finding a new bug in the game kills this mod before it can be completed. After fixes of all these problems, these assets will be placed behind the mandatory login system.

It is not well received by all players with some stating that it is a fuse to the practice of an ethic contrary to the game. One user from Reddit replied: “EA knows well that we are going to play for 5 days and then shut down the game for 7 months,”. It appears as if EA is very much in tune with this fact, which is why they developed this new format.

Perhaps, this is not yet a worthy signal that The Sims 5 will have its Pass? Since the game is free to play it will undeniably require indirect monetization forms that are associated with the services offered to gamers. Season Passes, new cosmetics, new packs full of new objects and traits for your Sims, more expansion packs for the Sims 5, there should be no shortage of ways to spend your money.

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