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Star Wars: the sidekick, an actress confirms a major spoiler about the villain

We’re less than a week away from the first episodes of the new Star Wars: Yet, the Acolyte series remains a mystery, and still the series There remain so many unknowns even if it exists as the Acolyte series. It seems the most eager viewer will have to wait with open arms, for the beautiful and talented Amandla Stenberg, who portrays the new evil character, has revealed a pretty significant fact about her.


First and foremost it should be recalled that The Acolyte series is conceived and written by Leslye Headland, who has made it her mission to dwell in the still largely untrodden (perhaps never tread) territory in the Star Wars universe. Heald also directed the first episodes of the series, which set the visual and the general tone of the story this man wanted to tell.

During an interview with EW, Headland mentioned that she wanted to make more statements on the Prequel trilogy unknown history of the Sith warriors which always had been intriguing to her.

I really wanted to tell a story about the Sith. I wanted to use dark sides of force to create an interesting universe for Sith to exist in. I think it was something like the perfect star wars idea. However, it may have been better to have had one before The Phantom Menace seemed like a good time for it. This seemed to be the most interesting trajectory for the Sith: How were the Sith able to transition from the Rule of Two, and let alone, their supposed ‘deletion,’ to Palpatine without the Jedi paying heed?

As a matter of fact, the siths that we will meet in The Acolyte, as analysed here in this article, are already posing so many questions to themselves. Last but not least, the light-skinned and lovely actress Amandla Stenberg who portrays one of the ‘warriors of the dark side’ glimpsed in the trailers was actually the one who said that domination of the two Sith will be portrayed here in quite a ‘peculiar’ way.

However, others thought that this was logical and appropriate to the show’s poster that showed Amandla Stenberg with a mask on her face and shortly off it or it was the agent who asked that she be seen in such position within such a prestigious project for her. It was only during an interview that she had with The Electric Playground, that Stenberg was definite about her portraying twin characters of Mae and Osha while divulging further information on the two sisters.

Well of course, I do play twins but in the series. Two siblings are those characters and the names are Osha and Mae where each of them has preferences towards either the light or the dark side of the Force. All of this remains for a debate, and hopefully, there will be, once the series has been viewed by everyone. The mission that Maе is pursuing now seems to be to take revenge, she is utterly prepared for the forthcoming battle. Mae had something that happened during their childhood, they entangled themselves in some way, but now Mae wants payback. Osha, whom is a mechanic that was a Jedi and a former padawan, is the one that Matt jealous Revenge takes place and she must prove it differently by finding out her twin sister is still alive.

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