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WhatsApp now allows you to create and edit stickers from the app itself

WhatsApp allows you to communicate through text, emojis, audios, videos, and, most importantly: stickers. The most popular messaging service in most nations, has gained a sticker editor integrated into the mobile app, and allows you to create or change stickers without the need for third-party solutions.

The feature has been available on WhatsApp Web since 2021, and has finally arrived in the iPhone version. The update may take a few days to cover all users.

The company did not reveal when the function will be made available on Android. If that’s your case, you’ll have to keep creating old-fashioned stickers.

With the new feature, creating a sticker is much easier, since it is no longer necessary to leave WhatsApp to copy images from the gallery or use third-party applications.

The function automatically crops the background, and allows you to customize the new sticker with text, emoji, drawings, or even other stickers. You will be able to select any image that is saved on your phone or computer.

How to create and edit stickers on WhatsApp itself
The way the tool works is quite simple:

-Open the sticker tray
-Click on the “+” icon in the “Create your own stickers” function.
-If you want, customize the new sticker with texts, emojis, drawings, or even other existing stickers.
-Complete and share the sticker in your conversations.

You can also edit an existing sticker. In this case, just choose the sticker in the tray, press and hold the sticker, and select the “Edit sticker” option.

For iPhone users, there is a caveat: the sticker creation tool within WhatsApp itself will be available to those who have iOS 17 or higher.

Those using iOS 17 or another older version will not be able to create stickers from images, only edit existing stickers.

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