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Windows 11 installation gets a new look

Microsoft has released the new look of the Windows 11 installer. The design has been released for build 26040 of the OS beta, available to those who participate in the Windows Insider program’s Canary Channel. The visual change will end the version adopted since the (forgettable) Windows 8, released in October 2012.

Windows Insiders can now test the new feature: just do a clean install on your computer or in a virtual machine. The change in the installer follows the strategy of removing visual elements from previous systems from Windows 11.

For those who don’t remember or have never done a clean install of Windows 11, the current installer has a purple background and an “Install” button with the boxy look of (nothing) beloved Windows 8. This design follows the interface used by Microsoft in the operating system itself.

In the new installer, the options to install or repair Windows will be together at the top of the screen. In the old version, the “Install” button was centered, while the option to repair your computer was cornered (almost literally) in the lower left corner. This simple choice of placing the two options on top of each other will make the usability of the installer easier.

There is still no prediction of when this change will arrive for the official version of Windows 11. The Canary Channel is the first step in which a new feature is made available. Windows Insider relies on three channels.

Microsoft has already changed some elements of Windows 11 that were inherited from Windows 8. Among the changes are the pop-up to rename the PC and date and time setting menu. With these changes, Windows 11 is getting more and more uniform in design.

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