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YouTube Says Again That Adblocks Blocking Is Active Worldwide

YouTube reaffirmed on Wednesday (1) that its action against adblocks is valid in all countries — except, of course, those where the platform is not available. Those who use the feature to block ads on their computer will be blocked from watching videos on the site after three “warnings.” The company had confirmed this information last week and is now expanding the disclosure of its battle against adblocks.

The update to YouTube’s policies against this feature arrived here in around October 26th. The first three times, users who open a video with adblock enabled receive a pop-up informing them that after three runs, the player will be blocked if the tool is not disabled. Users will have to disable adblock or whitelist YouTube to unleash the player.

YouTube said at the time that it wants to encourage users to watch ads or subscribe to YouTube Premium “for an ad-free experience.”

YouTube and its worldwide war against adblocks
YouTube confirmed, through its communications manager Christopher Lawton, to The Verge that the new policy against ad blockers is active globally — a term that we can understand as “valid for every country where the platform operates”.

Last week, AndroidAuthority reported that there had been an increase in reports of the adblock pop-up in more countries.

YouTube is guaranteed by the absence of competitors
Some users claim that they will boycott YouTube, the problem is that there is no competitor as popular and with as many content options as Google’s video platform. That way, the audience is more likely to conform, subscribe to Premium, or wait for adblock updates — the mouse is always in front of the cat.

The closest thing to a rival in long-form content is Nebula, a streaming service with participation from several YouTube content creators. However, it is paid, just like YouTube Premium which does not show ads. However, for those who just want to kill time, TikTok should gain space (since ads can only be dragged up).

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