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Loop, Microsoft’s Notion is now cleared for you to try

Announced in May 2022, Microsoft Loop is starting to take off — faces that look very similar to the faces of Notion. Loop, a collaboration platform that mixes workspace with task management, “Wiki” and support for other Microsoft programs. And yes, in the future it will have integration with AI – Bill Gates’ company is not investing in this technology for nothing.

Loop can be tested for free. The program is still in a trial version, as indicated in the “preview” icon in the upper left corner within the Loop. Its name is very assertive and combines with Microsoft 365, old Microsoft Office. The proposal of the Loop is “circular” throughout the company’s ecosystem, being the central point of a workspace.

Loop wants to be complete, but we’re still in the preview
As the Loop promotional video shows, integrating the program with the other Microsoft 365 applications will try to prevent the user from switching screens too much. Unfortunately, in the tests I did, I could not test what I found the coolest thing about it: uploading files with the “tag” of some theme.

In addition, it is identical to the Notion – especially in the visuals. It allows, for example, to create tables, comments, task lists, progress tracker, and pages and subpages on the sides. With the use of Copilot and integration with the Microsoft 365 package, it promises to be very functional – even if I was disappointed with the first few minutes of testing.

Microsoft Copilot still in closed tests
Microsoft Copilot, generative AI that acts as an assistant in Microsoft 365, will be integrated into the Loop. However, the company keeps the tests with this feature closed. It’ll take a while to see it in action, even more so with Loop in preview—I write this, but Microsoft has put forward several AI tools quickly.

The company is developing a multiplayer version of Copilot. This way, multiple members of a project will be able to use the resource at the same time.

While Microsoft Copilot does not appear in the Loop, what “consoles” is that the Loop is available for iOS and Android.

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