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To avoid layoffs, Apple changes bonus policy and expands job freeze

Apple is adopting new policies to continue cutting spending. According to Bloomberg, in a story written by Mark Gurman, the company changed the payment of employee bonuses and led to the hiring freeze for more areas of the company.

Despite not having made any mass layoffs, 100 employees were laid off in August 2022. In the same period, Apple began suspending recruitment. If someone is fired or asks to leave, the vacancy will be “missing” until the financial scenario changes.

Apple decreases amount of bonuses to employees
According to Bloomberg, the changes — which have not yet been implemented — will reduce by two to a bonus payment. Previously paid in April and October, employees able to receive the bonus will only receive the amount of month 10.

Fortunately, the October payment will continue with the same figures. No cuts in value (for now?).

The old and well-known measure of freezing recruitment will undergo changes. Sources from Mark Gurman, one of the journalists on the Apple issue, revealed that the company will take the freeze policy to new areas.

That’s not to say Apple will go a while without recruiting new employees. She will only hire people for “very necessary” jobs. The best example of this is positions related to Apple’s most “secret” projects, such as Apple Car and its virtual/augmented reality goggles.

Tim Cook’s administration keeps Apple away from layoffs
Since big techs began the waves of mass layoffs, Apple has remained “unscathed” —better for company employees, of course. The main reason pointed out for maintaining the staff is the way Tim Cook runs the company.

While the pandemic led big techs to go out by hiring the left and the right, taking advantage of the increase in the search for electronics and home office, Apple remained moderate. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Cupertino Giant increased its staff by 17% during the pandemic. Well less than double Amazon’s growth.

In addition, Apple has not made “crazy investments” in new areas aimed at a quick return. The Apple Car and VR/AR glasses, mentioned earlier, are still in development and waiting for a release without error. However, Tim Cook’s pressure can bring some problems in Apple Glasses.

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