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Google: this time, it’s the right one for Chrome’s new anti-ad-blocker system

With years of delay and despite nevertheless unresolved problems, Google has decided to move ahead with its Manifest V3 extension device for Chrome. Ad blockers could be the first to be afflicted by this alteration in architecture.

Unveiled in 2019 and postponed several instances, the deployment of the new structure for extensions in Chrome, Manifest V3, changed into finally announced some days in the past. Google gives this new system as an “improvement in the safety, privateness, overall performance and reliability of extensions”.

As of Monday, June three, the beta, Dev and Canary (alpha) variations of Chrome will start showing an alert whilst the use of extensions beneath Manifest V2, warning the user that these extensions will soon not be supported. The deactivation can be sluggish over a duration of numerous months. Users might be redirected to the Chrome Web Store, with the intention to offer Manifest V3-well suited “options” to disabled extensions. The transition is expected to be completed early next year.

Ad blockers are inside the crosshairs of Manifest V3, which in truth limits content filters. Google has never really explained why it’s far clearly necessary to limit this type of filter out, even if in discussions with the developer network, the hunt engine has raised the ceiling of the filtering guidelines allowed with the aid of the new device. A concession made to advert blockers, but as a way to be insufficient for many of them.

Chrome blocks advert blockers
Manifest V3 adds every other alternate with the intention to derail the proper functioning of blockers: filtering regulations can now not be updated themselves, this may require a new version of the blocker to be confirmed via the Chrome Web Store. By the time the new rule is demonstrated, it is able to take several days or maybe weeks before the app gets the green light.

This will supply Google plenty of time to counter the brand new rules filtering marketing on YouTube… Many observers accept as true with that beneath the guise of protection and confidentiality, this new version of the Manifest most effective serves the hobbies of the world’s biggest advertising and marketing community and video platform, which have made the quest for advert blockers a concern.

However, Google says that it’s miles nevertheless viable to skip Chrome’s store overview if “safe” regulations, i.E. Static rules, are changed. However, blockers depend extra on dynamic rules, which can be extra powerful.

The institution is glad to announce that 85% of lively extensions disbursed on the Web Store already paintings with Manifest V3, “with options for AdBlock Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin and AdGuard customers”. Except that those are castrated and much less powerful variations, like uBlock Origin Lite…

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