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Motorola MA1 lets you use Android Auto in the car if you forget USB cable

You get in the car, leave the house, and halfway through, you realize you can’t use Android Auto because you forgot your USB cable. It is to avoid this kind of mismatch that the Motorola MA1 exists. The new dongle offers an alternative to connectto Google’s car platform without relying on wires. Announced on Wednesday (5), the gadget will begin to be sold abroad at the end of the month.

The accessory marketed by SGW Global and licensed to use the Motorola brand is a solution for cars that do not support wireless connection. The device connects to the phone via Bluetooth by plugming the gadget into the car’s USB port. Then, the exchange of information between the smartphone and the dashboard of the car will be done through a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network mediated by the Motorola MA1.

The whole process is carried out instantly. When you connect the car with the dongle connected after pairing, the phone will be connected to the vehicle dashboard immediately to use Android Auto. And without the need to pull it out of your pocket. In addition, the gadget resembles a Chromecast, as it is basically a box with rounded ends and with a USB-A cable on one side.

“MA1 provides a wireless connection to the Android Auto-compatible infotainment system in your car, making it even easier to get all your favorite maps, media apps and messages on the car screen,” they announced.

According to the MA1 release release, the dongle is compatible with phones that have Android 11 or higher installed. The device will begin selling in the United States on January 30, 2022 for the suggested price of $89.95. The amount is equivalent to about R$ 510 in direct conversion.

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