iMac has aggressive discount on Amazon, but we prefer the mac mini offer

Even though price may not be a problem for you, it’s worth evaluating which device is best for the type of use you’re looking for.

iMac is a desktop ready for $19,999. It comes with magic keyboard, magic mouse 2, built-in WebCam, and the 27-inch Retina 5K (clear) display—it’s the strongest point on the iMac. A monitor with equivalent quality, like a Dell UltraSharp, costs around $4,000 —20% of the price of the iMac 27″ is on its high-resolution display. And besides, the iMac comes with apple’s polishing cloth, the same one of $ 219.

The iMac processor is an Intel Core i7, and the desktop has 512 GB of storage —twice the capacity of your Mac Mini. Still, the user will end up using iCloud. 512 GB is a small amount of storage if you work with content production.

The Mac Mini M1 may not be a desktop ready, but it’s the cheapest option for those migrating from Windows to Apple for the first time. If that’s your case, you can reuse your keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Even if your Mac Mini M1 doesn’t have an integrated display, buying a monitor at the same level as the Retina 5K display will be cheaper than the $19,999 iMac 27.” Transportation is also easier: you will travel and already have a monitor where you go? Just put your Mac Mini in your backpack.

The main reason the Mac Mini M1 offer is the best is in the name: the Apple Silicon M1 chip performs high, consumes less power and will have a longer survival life than the iMac. By not using Intel, the Mac Mini will have more support for macOS updates.Now, if you prefer notebook, we indicate the offer of the MacBook Air M1, which is discounted 40% on Amazon. The model can be found for only $ 6,975 – on apple’s website it is costing $ 11,599.

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