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iPhone 15 Pro Max may suffer production delays because of Sony

Although there are a few days to go, the start of deliveries of the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra may take a few weeks. According to leaker Tech Revegnus, Sony is having “severe problems” in the manufacture of the iPhone 15 Ultra’s camera sensor. Therefore, the smartphone can suffer a delay of up to four weeks in production.

The leaker (who goes by @tech_reve on X/Twitter) has a good track record of getting his leaks right. Still, let’s keep the skepticism here: pretty much every year there’s some news of this sort. Last year, the “protagonist of this movie” was the iPhone 14 Plus — it arrived three weeks later than the other models.

The reason for the “back foot” is that four weeks of delay for the iPhone 15 Pro Max (which may arrive with the name 15 Ultra), the most expensive smartphone in the line, is “crazy” – the delay itself would not be a surprise, but the time, yes.

The Pro Max models are a golden egg hen from Apple. The high prices do not turn consumers away, so much so that the iPhone 14 Pro Max was the best-selling smartphone in the first half of 2023.

So the iPhone 15 Ultra may be late, but Apple should be “doubling in two” so that Sony’s problems do not generate four weeks of delay in delivery.

But of course, there are the customers who are willing to wait for the new “top of the line smartphone from Apple”. Not least, analysis of market trends shows that the iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra should sell more than its predecessor.

It’s speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will arrive with a periscopic lens. This type of lens allows for a higher optical zoom than telephoto lenses. Sony’s “problematic” sensor will be responsible for capturing images with more detail in dark environments.

The official announcement of the iPhone 15 line will be on September 12.

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