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Amazon and Meta team up to offer easy shopping on social networks

Amazon and Meta have struck a deal that will offer a new experience for Instagram and Facebook users. Customers in the United States will soon be able to purchase products from the e-commerce giant’s ads without leaving social media apps.

The news shows another effort by Mark Zuckerberg’s company to turn apps into shopping platforms. So, big tech teams up with one of the top e-commerce companies to prove its thesis.

As seen in the illustrative gif above, the direct purchase feature through Facebook or Instagram will be valid for special ads for products selected by Amazon and its marketplace. For example, the person will be able to see a brief description of the item, price, Prime eligibility, and delivery time.

By clicking on the “Shop Now Portuguese” button, the person is taken to a page with the same interface as the e-commerce app. Thus, it is possible to check more details of the product and its variations.

To make the purchase without leaving the social network app, the Amazon customer must have the account linked to one of Meta’s platforms. In this way, the standard payment data and the delivery address registered in the store will be used for the purchase.

Amazingly, the entire purchase process can be carried out in just a few taps. The user can still review the information about the product’s value, payment method, and shipping address on a checkout page before completing the order.

Benefits for both big techs
According to experts, the deal should help Meta increase platforms’ ad conversion rates. This is because Amazon has better data segmentation and optimization, as well as the possibility of creating targeted ads for Prime customers or not.

In the meantime, Amazon won’t need to invest in another app with social networking elements like the old Spark and Inspire. The two platforms failed to attract the audience because they were overly commercial and had few influencers producing content.

Bypassing Apple
“Due to the shared data from this partnership, this also circumvents any challenges with Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy. That means a true closed-loop performance engine,” quotes Maurice Rahmey, co-CEO of Disruptive Digital, in an article on LinkedIn.

It is worth mentioning that Meta was one of the companies that were against the launch of Apple’s privacy framework in 2021. At the time, Mark Zuckerberg’s big tech claimed that the model would hurt small businesses that ran personalized ads on their platforms.

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