Android 12: Colorful Material You Themes Will Even Reach More MobileS

The dynamic themes of Android 12 will be taken to other phones. On Thursday (10), Google announced that it will work with Samsung, Xiaomi and other manufacturers to take the color scheme of Material You to more mobile phones. Currently, the full feature is almost an exclusive google pixel line.

The customization of the new visual language gave the faces during the debut of the system. During Google I/O 2021, the company revealed that Android 12 would give more features to customize it. This novelty is directly related to the dynamic color scheme, which adjusts the tones of the interface according to the chosen wallpaper.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s assume you selected a wallpaper with green tones. At this time, the phone will pick up the colors of the wallpaper and apply them in various parts of the interface, such as buttons, backgrounds, icons and the like. Additionally, this customization is also taken to applications that support the feature.

Customization is already available in some interface, such as the One UI 4. But Samsung won’t be the only manufacturer that will have the color scheme on their phones besides the Pixel: Google has stated that the Material You feature will be available on more Android 12 devices globally. The list is also formed by Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo and Tecno.

“As more Android 12 devices arrive in the coming months, our OEM [manufacturers] partners are working with us to ensure that key design APIs, especially around dynamic colors, work consistently across the Android ecosystem so developers can have peace of mind and users can benefit from a cohesive experience,” Stated.

Google, on the other hand, did not offer a timeline regarding the implementation of the feature. But there are already some clues: according to a document revealed by Android Police on Tuesday (8), Google intends to start requiring the feature on new or updated phones and tablets for Android 12. The rule, if the rumor comes to fruition, is expected to enter into force on March 14.

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