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Apple Vision Pro will feature more than 150 3D movies and series, but no Netflix

Apple Vision Pro launches with a library of more than 150 3D movies and TV shows. The first buyers of the Vision Pro, which will hit stores on February 2, will have the opportunity at the launch to take advantage of one of the product’s differentials, watching movies and series in a more immersive way. However, Netflix will not release an app for the headset.

Among the streams that will have content compatible with the 3D feature at launch is Disney+. Users will also be able to view movies and series in 3D through Apple TV. The movie Dune, Avatar: The Way of Water, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Super Mario Bros.

Some movies, series and documentaries, such as Prehistoric Planet (Apple original) and Wild Life, will be available in the Apple Immersive format. This format delivers videos in 180º, 3D and 8K resolution.

Apple hasn’t revealed which other streaming services will feature 3D movies and series at the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. However, we already know which streaming services will have apps for the headset as early as February 2 and that Netflix hasn’t lifted a finger on it. In addition to the aforementioned Disney+, Vision Pro will have streaming services from ESPN, HBO Max, Discovery+, Prime Video, Red Bull TV and Crunchyroll at launch.

Anyone who wants to watch Netflix on Vision Pro will have to do a well-known method: open the browser, log in to the account and view the content there. Well, the lesser of two evils, isn’t it? After all, you can still find a way to watch streaming. However, by not creating an app for Vision Pro, users will not be able to download content to view offline or use Travel Mode.

From what we’ve learned, Travel Mode is not compatible with browsers. This feature is geared towards users watching streams with fewer distractions on plane trips. To do this, it activates a kind of background that hides its surroundings, preventing the stewardess with the stroller or a passenger in the aisle from taking your attention away from the movie or series.

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