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Windows 11 will have super-resolution mode for AI-based gaming

The next major update to Microsoft’s current operating system, called Windows 11 24H2, is expected to bring the Auto Super Resolution (ASR) feature. The novelty will use artificial intelligence to allow compatible games to run with more fluidity and graphic detail on the operating system.

There is still no official statement from Microsoft regarding it. The feature was found and disclosed by user PhantomOfEarth, on X/Twitter, who says that ASR mode is hidden in the current test version of Windows 11 24H2.

What will ASR do in the game?
As there is no official communiqué or documentation about the ASR, its operation is still a mystery. But the description of the tool found in the operating system, that Auto SR will have an AI to make games fluid and more detailed, suggests that the novelty will work in a similar way to Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology.

DLSS lowers the resolution and thus increases the frame rate, making the game run more smoothly. Then, the graphic content is reconstructed at a higher resolution, but using fewer GPU resources, leaving it up to artificial intelligence to fill in the pixels needed to do so.

There are other technologies similar to DLSS, such as FSR, adopted by AMD, and XeSS, used in Intel’s graphics cards. It is likely, therefore, that Microsoft’s Auto SR will join these solutions, with the difference of being a native feature of Windows 11.

ASR is rumored to require a neural processing unit (NPU) to function. But then again, there are no manifestations from Microsoft about this possibility yet.

Any feature that improves gaming performance is welcome, but you need to hold back expectations for ASR. The leaked screenshots indicate that the feature will only work with compatible games. No one knows yet what they will be.

Windows 11 24H2 arrives in the second half of the year
The 24H2 update is expected to be officially released in the second half of 2024. Users of the Windows Insider testing program can now download the trial versions of this package.

It’s possible that Auto SR will even be released as part of Windows 11 24H2 because the feature already exists in the test versions of that package, although enabling it will not yet have an effect on games. Maybe that’s why ASR is hidden in the system. To make it appear, it is necessary to use tools such as ViVeTool, as Neowin points out.

Windows 11 24H2 should also bring features such as the “sudo” command for Windows and deeper integration with Copilot, artificial intelligence that will even be present in Notepad.

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