Apple Watch Pro can bring new look and battery that lasts more than a day

Apple is expected to unveil a more full-bodied variant of its watch in September 2022. This is the Apple Watch Pro, a model that tends to offer a major design change and a longer battery life. The update on the sensors of the company’s smartwatches, however, may be for another time.

That’s what Mark Gurman points out in his Bloomberg Sunday newsletter Power On. The highlight of yesterday’s revelations (24) is the future variant of the Apple Watch, which should bring the stamp “Pro”. According to the journalist, it is an improved model, possibly with more resistance thanks to the titanium body.

The new rumors revolve around the look. Gurman explains that the edition tends to bring a 7% larger screen than the current models, which are available in two sizes: 41 mm and 45 mm. No wonder, he points out that the panel will be large enough “to attract only a subset of customers.”

But the changes don’t stop there. This is because the watch tends to gain its biggest change in look since 2018. And that’s where curiosity comes in, because the journalist states that “it will be an evolution of the current rectangular shape”, but also points out that the body will not be circular and will not have the flat sides, as expected.

Other improvements revolve around the more full-bodied model. This is the case with battery life, which can be extended thanks to the new power-saving mode. There aren’t many details about the feature yet, but it is expected that the function will help give a gas in the load to go beyond a day of use (Apple, please take this to the Apple Watch Series 7, I beg).

But let’s talk about the titanium model, possible material from the expected Apple Watch Pro. In Brazil, the option with leather links bracelet and 41 mm case costs R$ 10,045. If you choose the larger alternative, of 45 mm, the price rises to R $ 10.614.

That is, the Pro model will possibly have a salty beeeeem price.

Both apple watch series 8 and apple watch pro tend to gain a new temperature sensor. As expected, the feature will help you tell if the user has a fever or not. However, other bets should stay for another time.

This is the case with the pressure gauge, which may not reach the clocks until 2025. Gurman did not go on to detail exactly the reason for the delay. However, it is important to note that Samsung already offers this feature on the Galaxy Watch, but not in the most practical way, because the sensor relies on a calibration with sphygmomanometer to work.

Another postponement revolves around the glucose meter. The Bloomberg journalist points out that the novelty should not reach “until the end of the decade.” And, in fact, to this day I have not seen a device that is able to monitor the rate of blood sugar without having to stick your finger, with the exception of FreeStyle Libre – which also depends on a sting to collect the interstitial fluid.

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