Chevrolet Tracker with OnStar: what it’s like to use the car connected with 4G

Today’s cars are very different from models manufactured 10 years ago. The vehicles are increasingly modern, electronic and intelligent, with a lot of new chips and sensors. Connectivity is a new element that has emerged in automakers, with the promise of integrating cars with smart services, smartphone apps and more driver safety.

I spent a week using a Chevrolet Tracker 2022, which features the OnStar platform, connects to Claro’s 4G network and brings on-board Wi-Fi to the driver and passengers. Is it worth it? What is the cost of the service? You will find out the answer in the next few moments.

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The Tracker was provided by Chevrolet on loan and was returned to the automaker after testing. For more information, visit

The main purpose of this text is not to evaluate the car itself, because we are on Tecnoblog and not on a site specialized in cars. I don’t have enough technical knowledge to tell you if the engine is good for Reason X or Y and I don’t even have much baggage for comparison.

In my condition as a person who basically knows how to drive, my experience with tracker was good. I found the car very comfortable, spacious, has an above average finish than I’m used to, the trunk does not disappoint. The 1.2 Turbo engine proved strong and took care of the huge slopes of Belo Horizonte.

Apart from the connectivity part, what I found most amazing was the EasyPark system. You press a button and the car starts searching for parking spaces, which can be horizontal or perpendicular, such as in mall parking. When found, the panel warns and asks the driver to put the gearshift (which is automatic) in the D or Drive function, and the steering wheel moves itself to perform the maneuver.

As a person driving a 2012 car daily, I found the feature fantastic. It was several times that I sent the car to make goal alone, without the slightest need, just because it did. I felt like a kid with a new toy, you know?

Now, enough about the car and let’s get to what matters at the moment: technology and connectivity.

The Chevrolet Tracker includes some items that are not yet common in any type of car. Starting with the multimedia center, with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The big advantage here is that smartphone mirroring can be done wirelessly, unlike most vehicles that require USB cable connection.

The Tracker I tested also has a smartphone charger via induction: just leave the phone in the specific compartment that the battery starts charging automatically. The car also has USB-A ports and a 12V jack.

Induction charging base in Chevrolet Tracker
Base for charging smartphones by induction in Chevrolet Tracker (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)
Other than that, the Tracker has fm radio with Bluetooth support. Some Chevrolet models, such as the S10 2023 and Trailblazer 2023, already include Spotify directly on the dashboard.

Chevrolet connectivity is part of a platform called OnStar. This is not an unprecedented service: the manufacturer has been offering solutions since 1996 in the United States, with assistance to the driver through telephone calls.

Over the years OnStar has gotten smarter, with data connection, GPS, and control via smartphone app. The call center continues to exist: simply press the OnStar button located on the vehicle, or call from any phone to a 0800 number. The attendants can provide assistance during emergencies and ask questions of the client.

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