Windows 11 will integrate Spotify into feature for you to focus on your tasks

Windows 11 will also have an integration with Spotify to improve focus. On Thursday (5), Panay, head of Windows and devices, presented a preview of a timer that will allow you to choose songs from the streaming platform to be played when performing a specific activity. The company is also preparing a new tool for screen capture.

The tool is known as “Focus Sessions” and will be available in the Watch app. To use it, the user needs to choose a Microsoft To Do task and then a Spotify playlist in the side panel if they want to. Then, just choose a time that is expected to run it and start counting the timer.

The timer comes with the default time of 30 minutes, but you can change it freely. The timer also has pauses to divide the task into blocks of time, as in the Pomodoro technique. In addition, there is also an option to skip the ranges and a dashboard to show the user’s daily progress.

Windows 11 will have improvements for screenshots
The executive also presented, on Wednesday (4), improvements to make screenshots in the successor of Windows 10. Panay unveiled the teaser for an app that will bring together the old Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch in one place. The software will be known as the Clipping Tool (free translation for “Snipping Tool”).

In addition to the Windows 11 visual identity, the app will display a floating bar during screenshot. The user can choose whether to select an area or register only one window, or even terminate the process. The app will then show options for editing and copying or saving the content.

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