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Instagram has problems and does not display feed on Monday (11)

If Instagram isn’t working right out there, know that it’s not just up to you. The social network of Meta is having problems on the morning of Monday (11). The main complaint is that the feed doesn’t load properly. Some say hashtags and stories also have errors.

Trouble began on Sunday
According to the graphic of the site DownDetector, which monitors problems in web services, complaints regarding Instagram had a slight increase even on Sunday night (10).

However, it was on the morning of Monday (11) that the volume of complaints skyrocketed. A first peak was recorded around 7 a.m., followed by a drop and a new peak, this time at 11 a.m.
Instagram users complain about feed, hashtags and stories
On X (social network formerly known as Twitter), the main complaint of Instagram users is with regard to the feed. For some people, it’s not loading properly.

On DownDetector, some users say that hashtag pages also don’t update and that it’s not possible to view stories.

The instability doesn’t seem to affect all users. Around here, Instagram worked smoothly. The volume of complaints in DownDetector is also not so great. It is above average, with peaks of 65 reports, but lower than on other days, when it reached more than 150.

So far, Meta has not commented on the episode.

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