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Threads will continue without ads, but will have branded content

Three things stand out about Threads, Instagram’s new social network in text: the speed of growth, the possibilities for improvements and the absence of spaces for advertisements. At least this last topic will be on notice for quite a while. According to the specialized website Axios, from the United States, the idea of Meta is to include ads in the app only when the platform has a “critical mass” of consumers.

How many users would be needed? It’s unclear, according to the report. Today, Threads has surpassed the 100 million adherents mark.

Logging in is easy, just have an Insta account to import bio information and friends list. It’s no coincidence that Threads has beaten the growth rate of ChatGPT.

Branded content on the way
Cut to the reality of digital marketing in the current times. Google and Meta pretty much dominate the field of online ads. In particular, Instagram has become a money mine for Mark Zuckerberg. Considered a more positive social network, this is where there are ads for all kinds of products.

None of this will be in Threads. On the other hand, Axios has also found that internal teams are working to release branded content tools within the platform. Do you know when an influencer publishes a Reels (i.e. short video) that comes up as a “paid partnership” associated with a brand? This is quite common on Instagram and will also be on the new platform.

Instagram’s official guidance for businesses on Threads is to notify them of business relationships through text or hashtags. Nowadays this already occurs in the social network of photos and videos.

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