Windows 11: Microsoft wants to apply patches without rebooting PC

Microsoft has started testing a feature that allows you to update Windows 11 without restarting your PC (finally). The novelty is available in the latest version of Windows 11 Insider Preview, a program for developers to have early access to future operating system tools. Microsoft intends to release this feature in the second half of this year, within the 24H2 update.

The news was revealed by Microsoft on the official Windows Insider blog. Those who are part of the program’s Dev Channel will have access to the feature through build 26058. According to sources heard by Windows Central journalist Zac Bowden, the feature, called hot patching, will be used to install security updates on Windows 11.

The goal is to increase the installation of these patches, as they are important to protect the user and ensure privacy. However, the requirement to restart the PC causes some users to postpone the update. And for those who have the “habit” of not turning off their computer, it can take days for the security patch to be installed — let’s face it, it sucks to have to stop using the PC to restart it because of an update.

Feature is already present in Windows Server
The hot patch has been present in some editions of Windows Server, an operating system aimed at servers, since 2022 — yes, practically two years for this great feature to arrive in the desktop versions. Thanks to the hot patch on Windows Server, Xbox servers benefit from this, since they run on this operating system.

Despite the great practicality for home users, the feature will be highly enjoyed by businesses. First, employees won’t have to sit idle while the PC updates (and avoids accumulating work). Second, because these PCs are almost always connected to their own networks, an outdated PC can be a point of vulnerability for hackers. In this case, a single computer could be the gateway to a view of the company’s systems.

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