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WhatsApp: Status area may get a new look

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android brings a new look to the Status area. It’s still at the top of the Updates tab, but posts made by contacts have been given more space, showing a preview of the content. And that shouldn’t be the only change to the interface.

Statuses are posts with photos, videos, audios, or texts that are available to selected contacts for 24 hours. Currently, these posts are organized in circles, with each user’s profile picture. It’s very similar to Instagram Stories. With the change, they will be closer to the look of Facebook Stories.

The new interface was discovered by the specialized website WABetaInfo in version of the Android app. The change is still in development, which means that even beta users don’t have access to it.

WhatsApp channels will also change
Apparently, WhatsApp is preparing a complete overhaul of the Updates tab. In version of the Android app, released last week, the Channels list came with visual changes for some beta users. Version retained these changes.

The new interface made Channels look like conversations, with larger icons and only one preview line. This helps you view more Channels without having to scroll as much.

The Channels arrived in Brazil in September 2023. They work in a similar way to a social media page. A company or person can create their own and update all the followers there. According to Meta, owner of WhatsApp, the tool already has 500 million active users monthly.

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