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You’ll be able to enjoy multiplayer games on Messenger calls

Facebook announced on Tuesday (4) that Messenger users will be able to have fun with games during video calls from the app. Simply tap the control button while chatting with someone else to choose one of the available game options. 14 titles are part of the initial library, are all free and there is no need for installation.

Facebook Gaming has stated that it is only possible to enjoy the game in video calls in Messenger. The intent is to “deepen connections between friends and family by engaging in conversations and gameplay at the same time.” Available for Android, iOS, and the web, the feature has earned the name “Play Together,” but it’s not yet released to everyone.

In all, 14 games make up the initial list of the platform:

Mini Golf FRVR;
Exploding Kittens;
Basketball FRVR;
Go Fish;
Quiz Planet;
Card Wars;
Words with Friends;
Werewolves of Silverton;
Crossword Party;
Coats Lab;
Yatzy FRVR;
Poker Lounge Live;
Acronym FRVR.
It’s worth remembering that each of the games supports a different amount of simultaneous players, so it’s important to know this before calling your entire family for an online Card Wars match.

The platform said it will add more titles later in 2023. In addition, Facebook Gaming has opened the door for developers interested in offering their works as a gambling option on Messenger.

How to play on Messenger
Start a video call with another user in Messenger;
Then tap the connection controls;
Tap the video game control icon;
Select one of the games;
Finally, tap “Start game”.
Meta shut down Facebook Gaming app
After wanting to compete directly with Twitch, Meta decided it lost the battle in 2022, at least as far as the dedicated app is concerned. On October 28, Mark Zuckerberg’s company shut down the Facebook Gaming app, which had been released in 2020 for Android and iOS.

Even without offering a reason for the closure, the company said it would still be possible to check streamers and participate in games through Facebook itself.

Streaming tool platforms such as StreamElements reported that last year, Facebook Gaming was second only in viewership to Twitch.

However, on April 5, 2023, we could see broadcasts with a low amount of viewers, barely reaching the 1,000-person mark watching popular games like the Resident Evil 4 remake.

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