Fairphone 2 will be updated for the last time after almost ten years of support

In 2015, Fairphone introduced the second generation of its ethical and sustainable phone, keeping it standing up to the present day. But now it’s time to say goodbye: on Monday (9), the European manufacturer warned that the support of Fairphone 2 will come to an end soon. That way, your smartphone will no longer receive Android updates after nearly a decade of attention.

yes, I never thought I’d write news like that. After all, the phone with Snapdragon 801 was unveiled in December 2015 with Android 5 (Lollipop) and, in 2020, updated to Android 9 (Pie). Then, in 2021, the manufacturer began testing for Android 10 and released the final version in 2022.

Seven years later, the company is preparing to put the phone aside: Fairphone reported, in a post on its own blog, that it will stop updating the phone.

“In March 2023, we will share a final update of fairphone 2 software for Android 10,” they explained.

This decision does not prevent the use of the mobile phone, which will remain functional. However, the company will not be responsible for fixes to prevent bugs or security bouts that will appear in the future.

The manufacturer itself stressed this concern. According to the company, after the end of the support, “the phone will start to be left behind in terms of security updates. Therefore, the device will become more insecure over time.”

Therefore, it is important to avoid using software with sensitive data, especially banking applications.
Fairphone will give voucher to those who recycle the mobile phone
Given this scenario, maintaining mobile phone use is not an exactly recommended option. After all, without updates, users are exposed to risks. So what to do with the smartphone?

Well, Fairphone has a solution: thinking about the environment, the company is offering a voucher of 50 euros (about R $ 280 in direct conversion) for those who send the mobile for recycling.

To receive the bonus, simply register for the program until March 31, 2023.

If you still want to keep it in your hands, there’s no problem. You may continue to use it even if you are aware that the risks will be at your own risk.

Users can also opt for custom ROMs, such as LineageOS.

Another alternative is to use it completely disconnected for offline tasks. And this is an interesting option, because I’m tired of using old phones to run games that do not rely on internet to work.

Fairphone 2 still has parts for sale by the manufacturer
Part of Fairphone’s proposal is to offer modular cell phones. In this way, users themselves can repair the smartphone at home by purchasing parts on the manufacturer’s website, expanding the life of the devices.

If you’re a Fairphone 2 owner, it’s good to stay tuned. In a statement, the company said it has a limited supply of spare parts on the virtual site.

“We hope to be able to continue offering this hardware for as long as inventories last or as long as we have a reasonable amount of active users,” they explained.

However, not all components can be purchased. This is the case with the lower module, which is only available for devices still under warranty.

Mobile phone proves that it is possible to offer more support time
Fairphone is a company that draws attention for escaping the conventional. For example, even before Apple thought about removing the charger from the iPhone, the manufacturer was already doing this practice. And it went further: i didn’t even deliver the USB cable.

Smartphones, however, came with an unusual accessory: a screwdriver. After all, thanks to the modular format adopted since the first generation, users have the freedom to buy mobile phone parts on the company’s website to do the repair at home, without relying on third parties.

This combination brings two benefits. First, it helps the environment, as mobile phones become less disposable.

This practice also prolongs the duration of the appliance. After all, the company sells everything from the USB-C port to the Fairphone 4 screen in your online store, for example, for you to do the spare parts on your own.

The Fairphone 2 even broke the record among other Android phones. Of course, the smartphone did not have the latest version of Android. On the other hand, the manufacturer will keep focus and attention on the device for seven years and three months.

Meanwhile, Motorola released a good performing phone and only promised one version of Android.

On the other hand, Fairphone is not unique with this concern. Samsung, for example, released an update to the Galaxy S7 and S8 out of nowhere in August 2022 to optimize GPS. Smartphones were launched in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

The iPhone 5S is another long-standing warrior. In September, Apple’s phone released in 2013 (!) received an update to iOS 12.5.6 to cover.

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