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Instagram begins to hide Stories from those who publish a lot

You may have seen this: the person posted a lot of Stories on Instagram, and there were so many that the top bar of the interface looks more like a series of dots. The network, apparently, will give a little help to those who want to circumvent this. In a new update, only the first three publications are displayed.

The news was seen by Phil Ricelle, who has worked here at Tecnoblog. He gave more details on his Twitter. In the images, you can see that only the first three Stories are displayed. The interface also puts the total number of publications — 33 in the case.

There is also a change in mechanics. Now, to see all the Stories, you need to tap “Show all”. If you don’t and just swid with taps on the screen, as is common, Instagram goes to the next user after the first three posts.

Meta, the company that owns Instagram, says it’s a test. “This feature is in the early stages of development and being tested with a small percentage of people on the platform,” says a company spokesperson. For now, there are no launch plans.

Instagram update may change metrics
This change may be important. Think about that “automatic” navigation of opening the stories and just going playing non-stop. Now, it tends to show more users, but fewer posts per user. To see everything someone has posted, you need to have the initiative to tap elsewhere on the screen.

For those who work with social networks, this is important. The number of views from the story room onwards tends to drop. At the same time, this metric now represents people who really wanted to see what was posted.

Personally, when I realize that some account has posted too much and nothing too interesting, I jump to the next, dragging to the left. Updating Instagram might make this process easier.

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