Moto X30 Pro will be launched with triple camera and lenses up to 85 mm

Motorola gave a preview of the future Moto X30 Pro on Thursday (30). Through the Chinese social network Weibo, the company revealed that the phone will have three cameras with focal lengths ranging between 35 mm and 85 mm. The expectation is that the smartphone will be launched with a 200 megapixel main photo sensor.

The postman brings some details about the lenses of the cell phone. According to the company, the smartphone will offer “super-realistic images” with three cameras. This result will be achieved with three lenses, which will have the following focal lengths: 35 mm (wide), 50 mm (normal) and 85 mm (telephoto).

Cameras tend to ensure versatility for users. The 35 mm lens offers a larger viewing angle. The 50 mm camera tends to approach the main cameras of other smartphones on the market. The 85 mm lens, in turn, can be used to zoom in, for example.

Motorola has not revealed any other details about the photo set. However, the smartphone is expected to be released in other countries such as Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, which tends to bring the main camera to almost 200 megapixels. Internally, the global edition is known as “Frontier”.

According to TechnikNews, the high resolution will be aimed at the main sensor (Samsung S5KHP1), possibly with 50 mm lens. The trio still tends to bring a wide 50 megapixel camera (Samsung SKJN1SQ03) and another 12 MP telephoto lens (Sony IMX663). The front camera can have 60 MP (OmniVision OV60A).

Other bets revolve around the advanced data sheet, with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. The 4,500 mAh battery tends to bring fast recharge of 125 watts. Finally, the factory 144 Hz and Android 12 screen can embark on motorola’s future mobile highlights list.

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